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Year 6

The final year - Let's make it a great one!


Key Information

PE this term is on a Thursday. Many of our PE lessons are outside as long as the weather is dry. Please ensure that your child has a tracksuit to wear in the colder months and they have appropriate footwear (trainers are preferred for outdoor PE). The children also swim every week on a Tuesday afternoon for this term only - please ensure the children have their swimming kit with them on this day. PE lessons are compulsory for all of the children therefore it is important that we have a signed note from a parent if they can't participate for a medical reason. All jewellery must be removed by the children themselves and any with long hair must have a hairband to tie it back.


We welcome back the children after what was hopefully an exciting yet restful break. There is so much to look forward to in the coming year. A few of the upcoming highlights for this term include: learning about mountains and volcanoes; developing our writing through the themes of journeys and WWII spies; introducing the children to Office 365 and the some of the features that it includes; understanding the classification system of plants and animals, followed by the circulatory system in humans;  a trip to Stratford to introduce our Shakespeare focus this year, followed by Bletchley Park to discover about code-breaking during WWII. There will also be lots of opportunities for the children to participate in school events including sports and arts, the harvest festival, Christmas Carols for the choir, Christingle and of course the annual Year 5/6 Christmas production.

Home Learning

Homework expectations are as follows:


The children should aim to achieve a minimum of 500 points on Mathletics each week (deadline is Sunday at 7pm). Generally, we set weekly tasks for the children based on what they have been learning in class; they will then need to 'top-up' their points score to get to 500 minimum.  Some of the set tasks require mental calculations but the children will always need paper and pencil next to them to carry out any calculations and solve trickier problems.


The children will have guided reading sessions weekly  in class and will continue to read the book in school. For homework they need to continue with their personal reading choices to encourage reading for pleasure. It is expected that the children read daily and this can be with family/friends or independently. We expect them to complete a task each week in their journal based on their personal choices. The task sheet is in the front of the reading journal and they should choose a different task each week. This will be due in on their guided reading session day.


Your child will have a set of words to learn each week based on the spelling rules they have been taught in class. The words on the list are the expected standard, in line with the new National Curriculum. The children should be able to read all of the words and learn to spell them for a weekly test. Word lists will vary week to week in difficulty, depending on the rule. There are extra challenges listed; however the priority is to learn the spellings and ensure the children know the rule.

Creative Homework 

Autumn 1: Mountains & Volcanoes.

Autumn 2: World War II

The children can be as creative as they like, using any form of presentation - pictures, text, photos, videos, IT, modelling or anything else imaginative!

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