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Year 6

The Final Year - We aim to make it a great one!


The Story So Far...

Autumn Term - It all began with a trip to the Shakespeare Centre in Stratford in September for an introduction to Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. It was an amazing experience that ensured all children were actively involved in learning about this complex play; through workshops, recreating key scenes and learning a bit about stage make-up which was pretty gory in places - the children loved it! 

This term the children also began their transition sessions at Sponne which started with a visit to the science labs to learn about safety, circuits and Bunsen burners - these will continue throughout the year to include Design Technology visits involving food and engineering. 


Our second trip of the year was to Bletchley Park to learn about code-breaking and the role that this played during the Second World War. It was a fantastic opportunity to introduce them to our history topic and we even got to crack some codes of our own and take a look at a real Enigma machine along with Alan Turing's 'Bombe' computer. This led to some excellent examples of creative 'spy-writing', along with non-fiction reports in our English topic. 

 As we approached Christmas, all efforts turned towards putting on our annual Christmas show with the Year 5 children. Thanks to Mr Driver's creativity, the children had a great time performing 'Elf-ish' - an adaptation of Will Ferrell's Elf along with a touch of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and a dash of a few other classics to boot. It went down a storm and the children had a great time showing their talents at the end of what was a jam-packed, fun-filled term.




Spring Term - After a well-earned rest, the term got off to a swift start, especially for the 35+ involved in The Tempest performance as rehearsals came thick and fast. Our artwork continued to have a 'tempestuous' feel to it also as the Year 6 children were involved in continuing to add to the displays around school.

 Our Science topics lent themselves to some interesting classroom activities this term as we made periscopes to enable the children to understand about light and reflection. We also looked at refraction using prisms and were surprised to find out that Isaac Newton decided on 7 colours in the rainbow because he felt it was a 'special' number as it could have been any number due to rainbows having a fluid transition between each pigment. 


Although we did not have any trips out this term, we were lucky enough to have the Young Shakespeare Company pay us a visit to perform A Midsummer Night's Dream. This was without doubt the highlight of the year so far for the children as they literally 'rolled in the aisles' laughing at the performance of the actors along with their own comic timing. This enabled us to produce a fantastic unit of work on fairy tales that certainly allowed the children to demonstrate their own writer's voice, particularly through recounting 'Bottom's Dream' which resembled the writings of the bard himself!


The Shakespeare theme continued as the performance of the Tempest approached. We all took ourselves to Stantonbury Theatre one February evening to put on what was a fantastic evening of entertainment for our audience of 100+. The evening began with the Year 5 children performing some key scenes from some of Shakespeare's most iconic plays. The main event was a resounding success with the children giving the most incredible performance, surprising a few and making parents and staff incredibly proud.


Alongside all of this we have managed to read Wonder by RJ Palacio - a book about a boy with a facial deformity and his struggles to deal with making friends and surviving starting middle school. We have never known a book to have this kind of impact on the children and so many chose to read it themselves straight after we finished. The movie is out now and we hope to show it to the children at some point soon.






Details of Summer Term and Home Learning

For information on the coming term, upcoming topics, along with homework expectations, please consult our curriculum newsletters.


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