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Year 5

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Year 5 News

Autumn Term

We started the year with a bang by going to Aylmerton Field Study Research Centre. After a lot of children asking 'Are we nearly there yet?' We arrived at our destination! We started straight away and went on a long beach walk which was followed by a well-deserved dinner. One of the highlights was the night walk, experiencing complete darkness was a challenge to be overcome. One group even reported having phantom vegetables falling off the walls of a church during a scary story. 

The following day we took part in team building activities. We all learned how important it is to communicate and co-operate with one another. Later in the day, we had lots of fun making sand sculptures on the beach. We then uncovered the history of Cromer when visiting the lifeboat museum. 

Our final day was a truly special occasion. We were fortunate enough to observe the seals from a sea boat. It was a wondrous sight to see children getting a wave back from the seals. Our finale was a walk back and lunch on top of a high hill. We were ready to return by then as we had packed such a lot in a short space of time.