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Year 4

Spring Term in Year 4...





In science this term, the pupils have been learning about Sound and Electricity. With a mixture of experiments, the pupils have been able to explore how sound is created, how our ears work and how to create a complete circuit to light a bulb.

We also had fun this term on our Science day where the pupils had to investigate the contents of un-labelled cans by rolling them down a small ramp to see how far they travelled. The children then grouped the cans that were missing labels and compared these to a labelled can to distinguish the contents.



The Ancient Maya Civilisation 

As part of our History topic this term, the children learnt all about the Ancient Maya Civilisation. They really enjoyed discovering the gruesome facts about Mayan rituals and beliefs and with this they learnt a lot about who the Mayan’s were.

As part of this topic, the Year 4 children went on a trip to Cadbury World where they were able to deepen their understanding of the Mayan’s and their important discovery of the cocoa bean. At Cadbury world the children received a talk on the Maya people and learnt even more facts as they walked through the self-guided exhibitions. They also got to taste some delicious Cadbury chocolate and visit the Cadbury shop before returning to school. 



4CB were very lucky this term as they had the chance to participate in a 10 week course to learn the clarinet. At the end of the 10 weeks they displayed their new talents in a mini concert to parents and 4FB. In the Summer Term, 4FB will have a similar opportunity but instead they will be learning a brass instrument. 


The PenPal Pledge 

The Year 4 children have also participated in The PenPal Pledge this term; a programme organised by the School of Life foundation to encourage intergenerational communications. For this, the children wrote postcards about themselves to the residents at Ridgeway House. We have received some replies to these postcards which the children enjoyed reading and responding to. This will continue in the Summer term and we are looking forward to receiving the next batch of postcards.


Details of Summer Term and Home Learning

For information on the coming term, upcoming topics, along with homework expectations, please consult our curriculum newsletters.




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