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Year 1

Summer Term 


Handa’s Surprise – Food Tasting

During our English lessons we explored the story of Handa’s Surprise. We worked together in small groups to recreate the story as an audio book using instruments, illustrations and voice recordings, for a small part of the story. We then combined all the parts of the story together to make a class audio book. 

During our lessons we also learnt facts about the different African animals as well as exploring the different pieces of fruit which were put in the basket. We even got the chance to taste each of these fruits. We then used adjectives to describe what each piece of fruit tasted like.

Farm to Fork Visit

We were lucky enough to have another visit from Diane from the Towcester Tesco store. We told Diane that we had been exploring the cultures and traditions of different countries during our Geography lessons. We have learnt information about Australia, France and Spain. Diane came to school to explain a little bit more about the food that they like to eat in France. We then mixed together the ingredients that we needed to make a crepe and gave them to Diane to cook. Whilst she was cooking our crepes we chopped up different fruits and we then added these to our crepes. They were very tasty!


During our Art lessons we have been learning all about 3D sculptures. We discovered that you can make a sculpture out of lots of different materials. We used our knowledge of sculptures to draw an animal design that we were going to transform into a sculpture using the clay. We then learnt how to cross hatch and use water to fix the pieces of our clay sculpture together. We used the tools to add further detail to our sculpture.

Think Tank

Following on from our Science work about Lego and our History work on Space we visited the Think Tank in Birmingham. We were very excited to go on a bus to a different city! When we arrived we had fun taking part in a Lego workshop where we had to work together in teams to build the tallest tower, the strongest wall and then create and construct a building to add to the Lego city!

We also explored the different levels at the museum and discovered a real space suit, a moon buggy and even a talking robot! After that, we had a mission to complete in the theatre. Tim Peake needed our help at the International Space Centre as the solar panel was facing the wrong way! We had to launch the rocket into space and work together to find suitable materials for a space suit. We then sent Astronaut Sophie into space to turn the solar panel around. We completed our mission and fixed the solar panel.

                         We had such a great day! Some of us even fell asleep on the way home!

Science Day – Exploding Planets

We enjoyed a fantastic Science Day learning all about the different planets in the solar system. We discussed the features of the planets and discussed their position in relation to the sun. We then used baking soda, water and food colouring to make our very own planet and then added spots of vinegar to our planet using our pipettes. As we added the vinegar we watched very carefully to see what would happen. As we added each drop of vinegar it was very exciting because the planet started to fizz! We found out from a Scientist that this was because we had created a gas called Carbon Dioxide or Co2 for short. We know that this is also the gas that we breathe out of our lungs! It was all very exciting!

African Drumming Workshop

We had great fun with Keba learning all about African drumming and dancing. 1KW had chance to practise making different rhythms and sounds on the drums and 1JS followed the rhythm of the drums to practise some African dance moves. 






Spring Term

A Visit from Mrs Elijah 


During our RE lessons, we have been learning all about Judaism. We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Elijah, who came into school to explain all about her faith, and to show us some of her special things that she uses with her family when they celebrate Shabbat. She showed us the special book called the Torah and explained that this is written in a different language called Hebrew.  Some of our friends even got the chance to join Mrs Elijah in lighting the special candles and also chose a Kippah cap to wear whilst taking part. The Kippah caps had lots of exciting patterns and pictures on them ranging from Mikey Mouse to our favourite football teams. We were also lucky enough to have chance to taste some of the special Challah bread, which had a lovely sweet taste, and we smelt the different spices from the spice boxes.



Sport Relief

We had great fun during Sport Relief. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite sporting heroes. We were even lucky enough to have our very own Tom Daley lookalike in our class for the day! We started the day with an energetic aerobics session on the top court and then had great fun in the hall taking part in all the circuit activities; ranging from step ups to hula hooping. The grown-ups even had to take part by cycling on the spinning bikes!




Tesco Farm to Fork

Just before we broke up for the Easter holidays, we took part in an activity session with Diane from the Towcester Tesco Farm to Fork programme. We used lots of different craft resources to decorate our own egg and we all tasted currents, sultanas, raisins and hot cross buns.





Science Day

We had great fun during our Science Day. We took part in an experiment called ‘Dancing Raisins’. We discovered that the raisins will only dance in liquids that have bubbles. As the bubbles pop, the raisins sink back to the bottom of the container until they have a chance to collect more bubbles to help it move up again.


Multi Skills at Bracken Leas School

We had an exciting opportunity to take part in a Multi Skills event at Bracken Leas School. Alongside some of our Year Two friends we went on a coach to Brackley. We took part in lots of different sporting activities. We sprinted, took part in a sack race, used the egg and spoons, practised our bean bag throwing and jumped as quick as we could over the speed bounce line.






Useful Websites


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Count to 20   

Numbers in the Teens

Caterpillar Ordering

Shark Place Value Numbers

Problem Solving

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We look forward to a really successful year ahead!