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 Spring Term 

Visitors: This term have been very lucky to have the Police visit us. They spoke to us about how to stay safe when we are out and about and how to use the paths and roads safely. They also told us how important it is to remember our address and phone numbers in case we need it in an emergency. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the police's visit, and had lots of questions to ask them! 

Also this term we have had a visit from National Rail. They spoke to us about how to stay safe near train tracks, and when travelling on the trains. The children acted out being a train and using different flags to stop, which they really enjoyed! 



Space Day!

This term we have spent two weeks learning about all things space, that have ended with a fantastic space day! We joined with The Radstone Primary School to experience the space dome, where we learnt about all the different planets and pretended we were walking on the moon! The children learnt about astronauts and what they have to wear in space. As well as visiting the space dome, the children all joined together to make space biscuits and space hats. It was lovely to see the children from both Nicholas Hawksmoor and the Radstone making lovely friendships and playing together!