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Key Information


Welcome to Nursery! The children are all settling well and are enjoying exploring the Nursery environment. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for weekly topic updates! Over the coming weeks we will be focusing on developing our independence and confidence. We will be working together to develop the Nursery environment with the children’s work and photographs. Our topics will be derived on a weekly basis from our observations of the children's interests, information from our Balloons and Tapestry uploads. Please keep us informed if there is a topic or area that your child is particularly interested in through use of our Balloon display in the entrance. This term we will be thinking about lots of different festivals and celebrations. Please let us know about any celebrations you have within your family at home so we can introduce them to the rest of the children at school. 


Special snack will happen every Friday; the children will be busy doing lots of baking and thinking about the changes that happen when we cook food. Please remember to use Parent Pay to make your contribution towards this. We will link our special snack to our weekly theme. 

We will be beginning our PE Lessons by taking the children into the hall to get them used tho the environment. This term we will be practicing our listening skills in big spaces. We will also be thinking about our bodies and different ways of moving around, creating lots of shapes, big and small.  This will be achieved by carrying out music and movement sessions in the hall and playing some large group games. The children do not need PE kits at the moment. 

Over the term we hope to have some Special Visitors to come into Nursery and talk to us about some of our topics. We will keep you posted on this via the entrance whiteboard. If you have any special skills or an exciting job that you would like to share with the children, please let a member of staff know and we can arrange a visit from you!

Family reading will begin after half term once the children are all fully settled. This will be an opportunity for you to come and enjoy a book with your child. You may take a book home from our library and exchange them each week for a new one. Please express the importance of looking after the books as they take them. A book bag is ideal for this to protect them from all weather conditions.


Home Learning


Reading: Enjoy stories at home with your child and encourage them to talk to you about the pictures/plot.


Fine Motor Control: Please take every opportunity to develop your child's fine motor control in activities such as, threading, playdou