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We have really enjoyed lots of different themes throughout the term. We have been thinking all about ourselves and enjoyed a visit from the life bus where we learnt all about keeping our bodies healthy. We also spent some time thinking about the season Autumn, looking about the world around us and how it changes. Some of our other themes have been about Space, Colours, Christmas and Shows. Our topics will continue to be derived on a weekly basis from our observations of the children's interests, information from our Balloons and Tapestry uploads. Please keep us informed if there is a topic or area that your child is particularly interested in through use of our Balloon display in the entrance. 




       Making icing planets!                      Fun in the autumn leaves


We were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Engine! The children were excited to have a go in the back of the fire engine. One of the firemen dressed up as if they were ready to go to a fire, he showed us all of the special things he had to wear, including his helmet, coat, boots and gloves! We even got to have a go at squirting the hose across the car park! It was great fun!



Just before Christmas we were busy practising our Christmas show. We loved performing and practised our singing lots on our stage in nursery before the show! We also made our Mummies and Daddies a special card for Christmas which we took to the post box for the postman to deliver. We had a go at sticking the stamps on the envelopes and then we posted them in the post box!



We love having our mummies and daddies come and visit us at nursery. We enjoy our family reading each Monday morning and especially love our stay and plays when the Mummies and Daddies stay with us for a while. We had Autumn and Christmas themed stay and plays this term. Don't forget you may take a book home from our library and exchange them each week for a new one. Please express the importance of looking after the books as they take them. A book bag is ideal for this to protect them from all weather conditions.





We are really enjoying our cooking each week. This term we have been busy making planet biscuits, vegetable soup, rice cakes animals, bonfire biscuits and yummy mince pies. Please remember to use Parent Pay to make your contribution towards this. We will link our special snack to our weekly theme.





On a Tuesday we have been going to the hall to play some listening games. We really enjoy the traffic light game and the hoop game, listening to the instructions and following the signs to know what to do. We are looking forward to practising taking our shoes and socks off next term!



Home Learning


Reading: Enjoy stories at home with your child and encourage them to talk to you about the pictures/plot.


Fine Motor Control: Please take every opportunity to develop your child's fine motor control in activities such as, threading and playdough